Every legal document that is prepared for the public will be examined for its content, its information, its spelling and its pagination. It will be examined by a trained legal document preparer before it is sent to the consumer. Each document will be logged at the time of its examination in a company ledger with the name of the document examiner, the date of examination and the type of document. The file information sent to the legal document preparer will be used by the legal document preparer to be sure all information given by the consumer is correct before the legal document is sent. Each document will bear a seal of approval by LegalezeUSA on it before it is sent out.


All of the legal document packets purchased over the internet will be shipped by UPS to the consumers within 48 hours. All legal documents that are being prepared by a LegalezeUSA legal document preparer will be sent out within 5 working days from the date all of the correct information has been received from the consumer. If the legal documents are not prepared and sent out in 5 working days after all of the information has been received, the legal documents will be received free of charge for the consumer.


LegalezeUSA is approved as an Accredited Better Business Bureau Member for online business commerce and has Secured Socket Layer Encryption (SSL) technology implemented into the website store and questionnaires to protect the consumer against hacker fraud by stealing private information.


All legal packets and all legal documents prepared for consumers by Legal Document Preparers must be paid for in advance and are all considered as final sales. LegalezeUSA does not refund payment by the consumers on any legal packet purchased.


LegalezeUSA guarantees that all of the legal documents prepared by their staff will be correct and will be prepared in a timely manner. If there are any corrections that need to be made due to errors by the LegalezeUSA legal document preparers, they will be corrected without charge. If corrections are needed because of incorrect information given to LegalezeUSA, or information that has been changed by a consumer after the legal documents have been prepared, there could be additional charges. Self prepared legal packets done by consumers have no guarantee from LegalezeUSA. The staff of LegalezeUSA are not attorneys and will not advise a consumer on how to complete a legal document packet that they have purchased. The consumer must fully understand that if they purchase a legal document kit they must prepare it 100% without any aid or help from the staff of LegalezeUSA.